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We form corporations and limited liability companies in all 50 states. We offer fast, affordable, high-quality incorporation services to provide you with the business structure and protection you need.
Incorporation Services
We can form C, S, Non-profit, or Professional corporations, in any of the 50 states.  Our corporation package includes:
  • Company name availability check for the state you select 
  • Preparation and filing of your articles of incorporation 
  • Payment of the state filing fees for your selected state 
  • Payment of the initial franchise tax (if this tax is due upon filing of the articles)
LLC Formation Services
We offers Limited Liability Company (LLC) formation in the 48 states which have LLC statutes. Our LLC formation package includes the following:
  • Company name availability check for the state you select
  • Preparation and filing of your articles of organization
  • Payment of the state filing fees for your selected state
  • Payment of all additional filing fees
Expedited Service

Normal time to form a corporation is 5-7 business days in most states.  With our expedited service, depending on the specific state, corporations or LLC's can be formed in about 24 hours.

Corporate/LLC Kits
This service is requested by most of our clients. Included is a personalized binder with the documents necessary to keep your corporation or LLC in order. Our kits include the following:

  Corporate Kit

  LLC Kit

  • Organizational minutes
  • Bylaws
  • Stock certificates
  • Stock ledger
  • Organized with dividers
  • Custom Corporate Seal
  • Sample Membership agreements
  • Member certificates
  • Transfer ledger
  • Organized with dividers
  • Custom LLC Seal

Federal Employer Identification Number
We also provide Federal Tax Identification Number for the company (also called an "EIN" or "Employer ID Number") which is used for taxation purposes and for opening a corporate bank account. Since a Corporation is a taxpayer, it will file tax returns and maintain evidence that it is operating as an entity separate from its owners.
Corporate Bylaws
We help you drafting Bylaws for the Corporation. It includes provisions of the law, rules regarding voting and calling meetings as wells as other structural and operational issues. The bylaws will provide for the number of Directors on the Board of Directors.  The incorporator who executed and filed the articles of incorporation will also execute an Election of Directors documenting the appointment of the initial Board of Directors.
Fictitious Name Statement
If your Corporation will conduct business under a fictitious name, we help you file Fictitious Business Name statement with the County Clerk in the county of the company's principal place of business.
Business Licensing for a Corporation
W e help you secure business license required by many cities and counties to do business within the city. If a business intends to operate within the incorporated area of a city, the city government may require a business permit.
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